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What is Style?

Style is your own twist on a particular interest, subject, demeanor. How you interact with a person. Do you just stand there and talk or do you have body language. Meaning do you talk with your hands, eyes.

Is there attitude in the things that you do. What type of flavor do you add to your walk, your talk, your tone your appearance.

Style can be very generalized and in some case very specific to the task at hand.


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Getting Started

I’m trying to figure out the diference beteen a page and a post.  Are post made within pages or vice versa?  This is definately all new to me.  Where would I find how to change font color and size.  Nevermind I guess the longer I play with this site the better I get.

The most distinguished speicies!

I this picture to just play with the page and postings.  I also like there mysterious personality!

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