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When I first answered this question this was my answer:  Style is your own twist on a particular interest, subject, demeanor. How you interact with a person. Do you just stand there and talk or do you have body language. Meaning do you talk with your hands, eyes. Is there attitude in the things that you do. What type of flavor do you add to your walk, your talk, your tone your appearance.

After taking English 328 I feel that style is everything around us.  When we first started the class and discussing the different forms of technology, I would not have thought of the basic pencil as a form of technology or even a book for that matter. In discussing how these two items are in fact a technology based on their use.  The original intention would be classified as “style” based on the way there used then and how we use them now.

We went further into this discussion and added parodies.  These different parodies were not only different forms of technology but they were classified as a “style”.  These works of art were based on the renditions of other people’s work.  This was clearly a style notion we could recognize.  Not based on the art itself but based on their interpretation of the art form they were mocking.

To tie all of these different lessons together we did our own analysis of a piece of art work.  With this project we not only worked with different forms of technology we were not used to using, but we also found humor in the YouTube community and why it is so popular.  We took a popular writing book “Elements of Style” by Strunk and White and applied there rules to current society concerns about sororities.  This was our style to how we feel sorority life is viewed and applying a technology like YouTube to put humor to a real life concern.

After this class I can appreciate the the different types of style, from commercials to article writings.


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Final Peer Review

The most useful aspect of peer review this time was I asked questions for some parts of the paper I was having problems with and they actually answered them.    The process I  found least useful was the harshness.  Typically I don’t take critiques to heart but Wow some people take it way too far.  I understand that you are trying to help but take into ccount of what you are saying restructure it so that it doesn’t come across as HARSH!
This term I learned that responding to other writings can be a challenge but if done properly you can get a better understanding of the writer and the subject.  In most cases the understanding come from a deeper read.  Meaning, you may have to read the passage a couple of times to understand the writer.
This term I learned that making use of my classmates’ advice in some cases can get me a better grade.  Yes some advice can be taken with a grain of salt but others are actually great advice. I would like to thank my classmates for there advice.

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